Introducing Wolf 3D V500 ECU!!!!!!


Advanced Engine Management products have been proven in the Australian market and internationally, we are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the best in performance engine control systems. A complete stand alone engine management system. Built in 30 psi map sensor. 5 bar or more no problem. Turbo timer option, dual onboard map switching, dedicated PWM boost control output, up to 27 configurable output options so VTEC VVT and NOS etc are no problems to handle. 8 high current configurable peak and hold injector drivers stable to 0.5 ohms. Sequential fuel and ignition up to 8 cylinder engines. 8 ignition channels for full sequential ignition up to 8 cyl and 4 rotor engines.


Even if you have a 16 cyl engine or 4 rotor you can be assured the Wolf will have full control. The Wolf V500 has the capability for storing an extra onboard map for alternative fuels such as E85, Methanol and much more to provide maximum functionality and extreme flexibility.


The Wolf3D engine management system has been evolving since the early 90's. Wolf engine management products are under constant development. Our current Wolf3D is an all new engine management system that now features enhanced datalogging with variable speed playback.

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