At 10 years old I was installing "Pyramid" equalizer/boosters in the family car. At 14 years old the "Briggs and Stratton" powered moped came to life with a direct thumb to throttle plate linkage. The rest is history in the making.

With experience from the mid 80's you can expect high performance and reliability with a personal touch. Providing one of the most cost-effective engine management systems along with custom turbochargers, fuel injectors, BOV's, wastegates ETC. With over a decade of hands-on experience tuning cars from 2 and 3 rotor rotary engines to V8s and everything in between, rest assured you are in the winning circle!

Services provided to some of the fastest cars in the tri-state area, which include Racing Results 800+HP street/strip DSM, Andy's rotary powered machine running 9.1's, Raphael Mercado's stock 2JZ power plant running 9.2's, and Romeo Allen's Rx7 running 9.3's.

Check the multimedia page for some of these cars in action.