- Videos - All Wolf Powered

Ralphie Mercado 10sec Pass

Romeo Burnout

Romeo no traction 2nd Gear (w/ GFORCE)

Romeo shifting 5 Gears on GFORCE

Ralphie Mercado Super Wheelie!

Romeo Vs 3rd gen

Romeo Vs 300zx

Romeo Vs Supra

Winston - 11.3

John Duarte - 11.4

Raphael Mercardo's 2JZ powered Toyota Corolla on the dyno

Alvin's 3rotor TurboII on the Dyno

Shomari's 2G on the launchpad testing his first gear

Shomari's 11.5@130MPH with GT3076R

Shomari's self made video showing the results off his hard work and dedication

Dexter's long awaited kill of the "WRX Killah"


- Pictures - All Wolf Powered


Ralphie's Corolla

Nick's VW

Franky's DSM

Dale's 650HP+ 7M

Peter's 13BREW powered Road RacePorsche



-Cars with custom waynespeed.com parts

Anthony's lifting with custom "Holset" turbocharger